How do I buy a blue tongue skink from you?

Buying a blue tongue skink from us is very easy!  Just click the availability link to view our availability. We can ship to the lower 48 states weather permitting or can meet/deliver within reason. Delivery can sometimes be arranged at select reptile shows. We are also willing to drive up to a 30 mile radius from Plato, Missouri to meet you with your skink. Please let us know if you are interested in delivery instead of shipping. Send the ID of the skink(s) you are interested along with your zipcode so I can calculate shipping to cherylmatula@gmail.com.  Shipping will most likely range from $40-$70. Please keep in mind that this is a first come, first serve basis and there may be someone ahead of you. Please be patient for a response. 

How do you ship a live reptile?

If done right, shipping a live reptile is safe. We ship using FedEx's overnight express service (weather permitting). The skink is safely packed into an insulated box marked live harmless reptile. During the cooler months, we will typically include a 40 hour heat pack intended for reptile use. CAUTION: NEVER USE HAND WARMERS TO SHIP A REPTILE. The skink can be shipped to your front door or to your closest FedEx hub, where it can be held in climate controlled conditions. This is a great option if no one will be home during the morning delivery window. There is typically a guaranteed delivery time BY 10:30am to most residential addresses. However, some rural areas may have a later delivery window. If we feel temperatures or too hot or cold, or there is some other weather conditions that may delay a box during transit, we may delay shipping out your reptile until we feel the animal can safely arrive to you. As exciting as getting your new skink may be, the wellbeing of the animal always comes first. 

Please contact us if you would like your skink to be held at your closest fedex hub. Please note it must be a "FedEX Ship Center" and not a "FedEx print and ship center" Print and ship centers do not accept live animal shipments.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee live arrival and the skink to be in good condition upon arrival. Someone must be there at the time the box arrives. The guarantee is void if no one is there to accept the package at the time of delivery. Unfortunately once the animals are out of our hands, we cannot control what can go wrong. We are here to help with any questions along the way in regards to the care of the skink you have purchased from us.

Why are your blue tongue skinks priced so differently?

Prices are simply based on supply and demand! Some species are more rare and some lineages are in higher demand. The prices will reflect as so. Prices of our blue tongues will start at $225 plus shipping in 2020. Discounts on multiples can be negotiated. 

Where can I find more information on blue tongue skinks?

The more research the better. The more experienced people you speak to, THE BETTER. Do not go by just one website or what one person may say. Everyone has a different way of doing things and there isn't necessarily one right way. By surrounding yourself with as much information possible, the easier it is to make the best choices for you and your skink. A great resource would be the bluetongueskinks.org forum page. You can search through old discussions and contribute to new ones. In addition, Facebook has a plethora of reptile and blue tongue skink groups. We are also of course here to answer any questions throughout the lifetime of your new skink!


What do you feed your skinks?

We feed all of our blue tongue skinks a mix between quality dog food and other ingredients. These include a base of chicken or turkey dog food with a mix of vegetables including (but not limited to) sweet peas, chard, sweet potato, and squash. We occasionally add a small amount of fruits such as blueberries or banana. In addition, we add chicken hearts, gizzards, and liver and whole egg from our own  free-ranged chickens and quail. All ingredients are finely ground using a food processor and mixed in with the dog food. Before feeding, a calcium D3 powder is sprinkled on top of the dish. All of these foods do spoil quickly, but it is possible to freeze them. We recommend putting servings in ice cub trays and pull them out to thaw at feeding time.

What substrate do you use for your blue tongue skinks?

We personally use Aspen shavings for our Australian species and cocochip or cypress for our Indonesians. In drier environments, you may find that Aspen might not work for you. If you notice shedding issues with your skink it may be time to switch over to something that holds a little more humidity.